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Review of Robert Core’s CREATION STRIKES BACK

Creation Strikes Back CoverRobert Core is a teacher and researcher in plant breeding and genetics. I have had the opportunity and privilege to read his book Creation Strikes Back and wanted to present some thoughts on my impression. Core provides and interesting synthesis of empirical observations from experimentation and paleontology with his interpretation of the passages in the early chapters of Genesis.

For me the strength of this book was twofold:

  1. Core gives an excellent summary of genetics , molecular biology, and particularly transcription in terms that a non-expert in these areas can understand. In this regard, Core’s gifts as a teacher shine through.
  2. Core’s summary and critique of current hominid paleontology was well constructed and thorough. He was willing to point out numerous problems with the state of the evidence (something I find is rarely done by apologists for hominid evolution when they are writing for the non-expert reader).

The book is worth reading for these sections alone and I will refer back to this book to re-read these sections time and time again.

On the other hand, Core is a plain-speaker and writes with an astringent style that will not appeal to all readers. He often interjects his philosophical and political perspectives into the discussion (don’t we all to some extent?) and I think this would be annoying to some readers.

For my part, I value intellectual honesty, forthrightness, and plain-speaking highly and so these portions do not detract from the overall value of the book for me.

Overall rating: Four Stars


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