About Peter

About Peter

Long before I became a fiction author, I was an avid reader. Books in general and novels in particular influenced me greatly. J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings , C. S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of the Narnia , and Stephen R. Lawhead’s trilogy, Song of Albion are among my favorite and best-loved novels.

I also very much enjoy classic science fiction classics such as Robert Heinlein’s Tunnel in the Sky.

I began writing The Halcyon Dislocation in response to a challenge of sorts. I was meeting with friends in our reading group when I was musing about how much I would like to write a novel. One of my friends, an accomplished author in her own right, looked me square in the eye and said, “Why don’t you do it then?” After many conferences and contacts with other authors, my first book was published

I am now an author of four books. I hope I have created a complex yet believable parallel world in my speculative fiction series, The Halcyon Cycle. My second novel novel, The Battle for Halcyon, describes the fate of the displaced University of Halcyon as it seeks to return to its own space-time. The third member of this series, The Dragons of Sheol, published in 2019, take the reader to Abaddon, a continent ringed by mountains with the main land mass six kilometres below sea level. The high air pressure enables many large creatures to exist and flourish.

In writing these stories I have been able to pursue a life-long dream of writing fast-paced novels that explore the intersection between adventure, science, faith and philosophy.

My second book in The Halcyon Cycle, The Battle for Halcyon, won a 2016 Word Award in the Speculative Fiction category. Previously The Halcyon Dislocation was short-listed as a finalist in The Canadian Christian Writing Awards – Futuristic Fiction Category. I am grateful that I as a newcomer and relatively unknown author was able to participate in these awards.

I have currently finished the draft and the maps for Coventry 2091. This story follows a penal colony of misfits who are looking for a new home, with some surprising twists and turns.

One of the benefits of being an independent author: I get the opportunity to interact with my readers.

Contact Information:

pkazmaier email

  1. What a great life you’re leading! You go, classmate!

  2. Great to hear from you Janet!

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