2022 Kazmaier Christmas and New Years’ Newsletter

It’s a delight for me when Christmas approaches to walk past a neighbor’s home and be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas and the great gift we have received.

This past year Kathy and I had our first chance to visit the Hawaiian island of Maui. After the interminable lock-downs, it was a wonderful feeling of freedom to experience Maui. It was not only a beautiful locale, but the freedom from many of the Covid strictures, and a return to normalcy was a delight. I’ve included a few pictures here of that wonderful trip. A quick search on my blog site would lead you to a more extensive collection.

The Hawaiian Island of Maui

One of the consequences of our lengthy lockdown and the closing of in-person church meetings, has been a movement away from direct contact to online contact. To me this has many shortcomings, but one unexpected blessing has been the discovery of Tim Keller’s messages on Spotify. I especially appreciate his clarity, his deep respect for the word of God, and the way he is able to connect the biblical message to many of the questions facing us today. If you have Spotify, you may wish to check his messages to see if they speak to your life as they have to mine.

Peter’s Fifth Book was Published in June 2021

My fifth book (Coventry 2091), and start of a new series, was published in June 2021. Since then the e-book, available from library service Hoopla, has  become widely available in libraries across North America.

A few months ago a book study group that I belong to, selected Coventry 2091 for review. I have been preparing questions for a study guide to accompany this study and discussion of my Coventry story. In case you’re interested, I’ve been publishing the discussion questions on my blog site should anyone else be looking for those types of materials.

Link to the first set of questions …


Wishing You and Your Family a Joyous Christmas and a Blessed New Year

Finally, since this newsletter has drifted into December, Kathy and I want to wish everyone, along with your extended family, a joyous Christmas and a blessed New Year. If you have read this far into the newsletter, I hope you take a moment to re-connect with us. Even a short email, a blog comment, or Facebook post would be so appreciated.We do so love to hear from you!

A watchtower in a vineyard near ancient Nazareth

About Peter Kazmaier

Lover of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Author of the SF series THE HALCYON CYCLE. I frequently re-read my favourite books. http://tinyurl.com/p46woa4

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  1. Hi Peter,

    Happy Christmas to you and Kathy.

    Bert and I are doing well back in our old town of Wanganui, it’s a town of about 50,000 on the west coast of the North Island between Wellington and Auckland.

    The IT business is not doing so well, we’re closing it after 16 years.  It was because of the Covid measures.  We did our best but it got too hard.

    I feel very ripped off by our government and Pfizer but I’m not going to let them ruin my life.

    I’ve applied for a job as a cleaner.  I don’t care if it’s cleaning – the hours are good and I can still do my remote IT work in the mornings.

    I’ll carry on with the loyal customers I have kept and operate as a sole trader.

    I am so glad you got to Maui, the photos look great!

    Bert and I went to a place called Whangamomona for my birthday, it’s way out in the back blocks of Taranaki, our neighbouring province.

    We stayed at the old hotel and the food was very good!

    I chose the location because it’s close to a walk I wanted to do, yes I’m still doing the 250 short walks, we’ve only got a 100 to go!

    Here’s the weekend:


    We’ve joined a Maori church, they never closed during the Covid lockdowns and they’re colour blind when it comes to our white skins.

    Their mission statement is: /“Journeying with Maori, To go out as One and Build the Kingdom of God in Wanganui regions and the outer most parts of the Earth.”/

    It suits me!/ /

    If you want any book reviewing done, I’m here and I’m not sick 🙂

    Cancer is in the rear vision mirror now, I’m in remission, hopefully permanently.

    Best wishes,


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