Review of SHIP OF STORMS by Ken Doggett

Ship Of StormsShip Of Storms by Ken Doggett

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ship of Storms recounts the life of Marcus Ramsey-Legend during the brief war of independence between Earth and the Martian colonists. He ultimately encounters The Jupiter Effect, the insanity all who venture beyond Mars to the outer planets encounter. Interspersed with this main narrative is an extended series of flashbacks which fill in the details of Ramsey-Legend’s life.

The book is well-written and the character development is finely-crafted. In comparison to other SF colony independence stories such as R. A. Heinlein’s Red Planet and Between Planets, the plot (for me) moved slowly and had few surprises. I also found the extensive flashbacks broke up the continuity of the narrative.

These comments reflect personal preferences. For those who prefer character development over plot, Ship of Storms may well be a book you would love, enjoy, and rate more highly than three stars.

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